Our services

As our services, we deliver any solution which involves mobile iOS client + back-end and/or front-end part. Standalone iOS app solution or iOS app + 3rd party back-ends (like Firebase) is also our good expertise.

iOS Technical Development Skills:
• Objective-C, OOP, UIKit, Foundation, ARC/MMR, Xcode, Git
• Mac OS X development (2 years), Apple Watch
• iBeacons and location awareness, Geo fencing and tracking
• Core Audio, Synthesizer and Spacial Audio expertise + designed his own VAD algorithm
• In-App Purchase expert implementation + Receipt validation on server
• iOS wrapper applications + JavaScript handling
• Push notification expert setup (knowledge of Urban Airship, Firebase, Pushwoosh, OneSignal, etc)
• Full Parse frameworks experience
• REST/JSON parsing and web back-end integration
• Animations and advanced visual effects
• Working with photo/video assets, graphic filters and image effects
• Core Data integration
• UI/UX design and experience
• Background tasks and multithreading
• SAP/Salesforce mobile integration
• Memory management + load efficiency
• Social networks APIs expert knowledge (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox)
• Client/server, web-based and network management applications
• Animated mock-ups and wire-framing
• Architecture design
• User Cases and Tech documentation writing
• Resources management and tasks controlling
• Delivering and Version tracking
• Reporting and controversy resolving

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Services - iOS development


 Wearables integration and IoT
 MbaaS and custom back-end;
 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality;
 Street Mobile Targeting for personalised ADs delivery
 Geo-tracking of users (GPS & iBeacon)
 Apple Watch extensions
 Custom Application Development and Integration
 Maintenance and Support
 Consulting Services
 Testing and Quality Assurance
 Reengineering Services

Industries - iOS development


 Banking & Finances
 Real Estate
 Gaming industry
 Food & Beverage

Engagement Models - iOS development


 “Time-boxed” project
 In-house team extension