BÜRO — full management of your shop business!

Büro — full management of your shop business!

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Are you a real shop owner with real physical products? Then you might want to always know what is going on in your business. Now you can!

Use this app to fully manage your stock, your sales, your inventory, your clients, your price-list, your dealers, your orders, your sales history and more! Receive push notifications for every action (e.g. when your product is sold), see your sales trends, history of sales and your profit in a convenient form. Generate orders to suppliers and receive and track orders from your customers. Keep track of your clients and manage them, gather your client database in the cloud. Also, you can track your items that you send in a service centre for repair. In short, you can fully manage your business in complete details from your iPhone or iPad!

***Full list of features is available only after In-App Purchase (various packages are available). Free app operates in Demo mode and almost fully functional except that you cannot add your products and communication to server is forbidden***

All your information is stored securely in world’s largest and most advanced cloud storage (Google Firebase) – free of charge.
We can fully customize any module specifically for your business (for reasonable payment).

You can manage roles for your workers:
– boss mode (full control)
– salesman role (cannot see supplier prices, reports, map control, delete stock, etc.)

Available languages: English • Russian • Ukrainian



  • filter by categories or subcategories
  • search by name or article number
  • search by scan in a barcode
  • export and send in csv, xls, pdf, text
  • display images, product groups, etc.
  • update price-list (in Settings)



  • segment by different warehouses
  • edit quantity and comment for an item
  • add serial numbers
  • sell item (track for every salesman, currency, discount, mode of payment)
  • move item to another warehouse
  • split between warehouses
  • get push notification for any change
  • export report and send in csv, xls, pdf, text
  • see statistics (total quantity, total stock worth in money)



  • all changes are logged and saved here
  • switch activity type
  • show history for all warehouses
  • show history for an item
  • export history


Orders to Supplier:

  • compile order to supplier
  • edit quantity and comment
  • send order and archive it
  • see you profit for current order
  • see archive of orders


Orders from Clients:

  • compile orders from customers
  • edit quantity, comment, payments, etc.
  • see if item is ordered from supplier
  • assign order to a particular seller and client
  • mark order as done and archive it
  • see you profit for current order
  • see archive of orders


Client management:

  • add name, phone, email, picture, comment, products owned, payment method, prepayment amount
  • track clients orders, purchases and repairs
  • send confirmation to client or supplier
  • switch people or companies
  • add address, website, firm name, etc.
  • switch for suppliers/clients/partners
  • segment suppliers/clients/partners
  • get notification when client has a birthday


Repairs (products in service):

  • set status for a repair
  • track delivery of repaired item
  • notify clients and/or your team for status change
  • contact client easily
  • select service center (in Settings)
  • add address and receptionist name (in Settings)



  • enable Boss mode
  • edit your price list
  • edit currencies
  • edit your margin
  • hide/show badge for notifications
  • edit warehouses
  • edit your company details
  • edit your supplier details
  • map control (see your staff on map)
  • toggle switch for sending push notifs


Dashboard (in future release)

  • see company activity at a glance
  • change duration for report
  • analyze your firm’s effectiveness
  • get automatic updates of currency rates


Payments (in future release)

  • see the list of your cards
  • add/delete cards
  • send payment details to supplier to charge your card
  • track your payment history
  • edit payment (paid status on/off)


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