Apart from custom iOS software development we also have our own iOS products. Below you can find a list of our iOS products which we develop and customise for our clients. Your benefit as a client is a greatly reduced cost of customisation of our iOS products for your particular business, in other words, you don’t have to pay for the development of the entire iOS software, only for the license and setup.

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Full retail business management

Büro iOS app – app for full management of your trade business!Download on AppStore

iOS app for full management of your trade business!

Use this app to fully manage your stock, your sales, your inventory, your clients, your price-list, your dealers, your orders, your sales history and more! Receive push notifications for every action (e.g. when your product is sold), see your sales trends, history of sales and your profit in a convenient form. Generate orders to suppliers and receive and track orders from your customers. Keep track of your clients and manage them, gather your client database in the cloud. Also, you can track your items that you send in a service centre for repair. In short, you can fully manage your business in complete details from your iPhone or iPad!

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Product catalogue with mobile shop

Leica Camera iOS app - all about cameras and sport optics! Catalogue of productsDownload on AppStore

Product catalogue for Leica Camera.

This app has the following features:
• full catalogue of Leica products
• search in catalog
• customer service and support information
• full information about shops & dealers chain
• promotion & discounts information
• possibility to shop & check out products in the app
• full description & technical details
• manuals and videos for majority of products


Get your photo book printed and delivered

Photobook iOS app - get your photo book printed and delivered!

You create – we deliver!

Create a professional photobook right on your mobile device using photos from your gallery. You can edit images, apply advanced filters, add text and stickers, add pages, choose different formats and more. When your book is ready, just pay conveniently on your mobile device and upload book to server and it’s done! You will soon receive your printed book at your address. The quality of printing is superb and the colors are vivid. Don’t worry about the colors and how you look on your photos, we will make sure that every photo will look great, because our designers will correct it and send for your approval before we print it!

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Communication assistant for deaf people

Visual Hear iOS App - the EASIEST way to see, what people are saying! Help for deaf people.Download on AppStore

The EASIEST way to see, what people are saying!

We proudly present this mobile app for people with hearing disability. Let your friend or the loved one talk into your device and you will instantly see what they are saying to you. You can as well translate received text to 40 languages and share it to social networks or via other common ways of sharing.

It’s the first assistive iOS app made and crafted especially for people with hearing impairment.

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